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CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full

Hello guys, welcome to our Tech Blog. We are going to talk about how you can clean your windows using CCleaner. CCleaner is a very good software to clean your PC from Prefect, Temp, Recent or more files from residual files and all kinds of files that you don’t need to have on your PC and maybe some files that can slow down your PC. So this cleaning process is very easy. I’m going to show you a full tutorial on how to do it.

We start that after you are download file from below. Download CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Now.

CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full

In doing some processes and firstly you have some tabs on the left-hand side. You have cleaner registry tools options and upgrade. We’re going to work with these four tabs. The cleaner tab is the most important and we’re going to use it to the most here. We are going to be able to clean the PC from all the files that we don’t need such as internet cache internet history cookies download history.

You have to go to the windows tab in the cleaner and look for files that you wanna maybe delete have to go to Application and see what you want to do it. I have to warn you that if you delete the Internet history and Internet cache on Chrome or Mozilla, maybe the browser that you’re using you’re going to lose all the saved passwords or all the saved logins. So maybe if you clean your PC, you should uncheck form browsers.

You know you shouldn’t take all these settings from the browsers in order to not have problems maybe on sites that saved passwords and stuff like that. And then you have to go to analyze and see how much space CCleaner can clean up for you and then you can click on run cleaner and CCleaner will clean the PC for you. That’s very easy and very useful. CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full Download Now.

The second tab is the Registry

This tab will help you to fix the damage.

Trees and as you can see, you’re gonna find the missing share dlls and used file extensions and stuff like that. You can click on scan for issues and it will scan in a few seconds for all the issues that it can find in my case. I haven’t done the scan for a while I think and this is going to find a lot of files that need some fixing and after the scan is complete your see that these are all the files that will need a fix or be maybe need.

Will be deleted then you have to go to fix selected issues and then click on know you don’t want to make the back hop because it’s not using the backup. You won’t need it CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full won’t damage your PC. Everything is okay. Your click on no and then fix all selected issues. You see that I had 128 files that needed or fix or maybe needed to be deleted. Then we have the tools tab here. We won’t talk so much about it because as it has a lot of settings you have the option to uninstall programs without leaving any files behind you have the option to see the startup processes and maybe disable some you have the option to see all the browser plugins. You can analyze the disk duplicate finder. This is a very cool thing. You should try to do this you scroll down and go to search if you have to select all the drivers and this find and you only duplicate files because in Windows there are a lot of duplicate files and those files just stack up there and use a lot of space when it’s not really necessary. You have the system restore you can make a system restore and then and then restore your system to that particular restore point and you have the drive wiper. You can wipe some discs from where your windows but we don’t recommend this option. We recommend the first one cleaner is the most.

CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full Features

  • Standard Privacy Protection
  • Standard  Cleaning
  • Complete PC Health Check
  • Updates apps to reduce security risks
  • Complete Cleaning
  • Keeps your browsing history private
  • Detects and removes internet trackers
  • Keeps you from running out of space
  • Instant product updates
  • Priority Customer Support

CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Details

File Name: CCleaner
File Size: 17 MB
Developer: Piriform
License: Shareware but Tech It Zone are offer to free to use for lifetime
Platforms: Windows All Version Support
Last Updates: 24 March, 2020

How to Install CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705

Unzip the Archive
Read carefully "read" for installation instructions.

Download CCleaner 5.66.7705 Full Version

Conclusion of CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full Version

You use them too much. The default settings are the best for this software. So, guys, this was our article about CCleaner Professional 5.66.7705 Full. Don’t forget to check out the article above to download the file and use it to clean your PC. Don’t forget to leave a like, share, comment here. If it was helpful, and don’t forget to visit our website again TECHITZONE. Have a nice day.