The Adult Joke Book | Johnny Sharpe


The Adult Joke Book is a very funny & Interesting book for the reader. who are reading this book, they are smiling on your face when they are read this book.

Short Summary

Johnny has always reckoned that being born is like coming out of the cinema in the afternoon having watched a romantic film all that bright light and everyone crying. Johnny’s was a notable birth. He was so ugly the nurse slapped his mother. His mother put shutters on the pram and the only people to cuddle him were scientists. The Adult Joke Book is very famous book for this writer. Johnny has gone on to record multiple births – well, put it like this like boots, he has branches all over England.


Writer: Johnny Sharpe

Categories: Entertainment, Romance

Published Date: 2006, London

Page: 375

File Size: 5.12 MB

About Writer

Johnny Sharpe was born in Buckinghamshire in 1969, which sounds even longer ago than it is, but lived in Beverley, East Yorkshire, from the age of nine, before getting a degree in Philosophy and Politics from Warwick University. He wrote so many books about these categories.

SL NoContent about Book
1The Early Days
2Leaving School
3Love and Marriage
4Nest Building
5Pillar of Society
6Male Menopause
7Late in the Day
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